Pergolas transform an outdoor space into a welcoming retreat

A pergola is a decorative open structure that will cover an area providing protection from the elements. It can be free standing or an extension of a home as a deck or patio cover. Atlas Sun Systems installs a variety of long-lasting, maintenance-free pergolas. We can custom-build your pergola in the size, shape and color that best complements your home. “During warmer seasons, pergolas work to block heat and the sun’s harmful rays. Pergolas can help reduce interior temperatures and shield your home from damaging UV rays that cause fading and discoloration. And in the colder months, pergolas protect your outdoor spaces from snow, sleet, wind, hail and rain. With the shade and cover of a pergola they often become the focal point of social activities and BBQ areas. Pergolas transform once seasonal outdoor spaces into year round versatile areas.

Choose from a lattice shade cover and transform a sunny spot into a welcoming retreat with the ambiance you’ve dreamed of. Whatever your vision may be, we can create the shade cover. Our beautifully contoured beams let you make a statement that is truly unique.

Insulated roof panels and a “V” Pan roof panels are used on pergolas as an option to give you a complete shade and cover from the elements. Roof panels interlock and are specifically designed to carry a load. These are very economical and sturdy build in North America to withstand the inclement weather.

Glass skylights are also an option. It allows natural light to shine in while you are protected from uv rays and other weather. We use tempered glass which is also referred to as safety glass. 5 times stronger that regular glass, and is typically required by building codes because it can “flex” significantly more without breaking and resists impact, shock, thermal and mechanical stress better than standard glass.

Choose from Bronze or grey tint glass.

Atlas Sun Systems uses strong steel core beams. We then wrap it with painted aluminum facings. The steel core makes a strong permanent structure. And the painted aluminum facings are easy to clean and are available in many colors to compliment your home. Not to mention cleaning is a breeze. Little to no maintenance is required.

The end of the beams are fitted with caps that come in 4 cut styles to give you enhanced dimension.

If you are looking for a way to enhance the appeal and value of your home, take a closer look at the options a pergola from Atlas Sun Systems offers. From a basic Lattice cover to custom designs, free-standing sitting areas to deck and patio covers. Whatever your vision may be, we can create the shade cover. Plus we can install optional electrical for lighting in the walls and add ceilings fans that will let you make a statement that is truly unique.

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